My Favorite Brands

Sustainable Steps

Tree hugger, tree lover, Tree Dasher! Allbirds combines comfort and sustainability through their low-carbon footprint apparel one step at a time! Not only are they fantastic for us, they are machine washable. I may have one, or two, or 10 pairs of these. Tread lightly on this earth of ours!

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Skincare Science

The best makeup you can wear is your skin! Pure Culture Beauty makes skincare quick and easy with a science-based custom formula curated with the finest natural ingredients just for you! If you have sensitive, eczema-prone skin like mine, this skincare is for you. It's just 3 simple steps!

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Powerpuff Girl

Ever had a gym set that makes you feel invincible? Xexymix is a flattering fitness and lifestyle brand based out of South Korea. They focus on functionality, trends, and quality without the large price tag. I've personally seen my fitness development wearing Xexymix!

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Walk Like a Woman

Who says ‘Walking Like A Woman’ is anything short of elegance, sophistication, timelessness, and just the right touch of fun!
Thank you for the most stunning pair of Perfect Emma’s that transformed my recent trip to NYC into a magical Cinderella story!

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Cheeky & Rosey

Float like a butterfly...True to it's name, Floatly clothes are lightweight, soft as butter, and feel like a second skin. Made BY women FOR women. I was on Cloud 9 wearing it. It's a fantastic brand that focuses on accessibility and celebrating all women's body types.

Luxury Lifestyle

As the former President of an asian-interest sorority, I was thrilled to work with RH in bringing the exclusive world of the preppy elite and their hobbies to the historically excluded. Kicking down unspoken bias in classically elite country clubs with one piece of RH lifestyle wear one step at a time. Let's rewrite the rules unapologetically!

K-Beauty Bests

This K-beauty skincare is a must! I am very particular with skin care as I have very sensitive skin. They use clean, natural, effective ingredients, with no trace of harsh chemicals. My skin feels so refreshed and happy after using! Slow and steady like a snail...wins the race to perfect glowing skin!

Haute Couture

Having gone to college in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, fashion exposure is inevitable. I've been so lucky to have a fantastic friend Glenn Kay, owner of the haute couture brand Mandalay, who has styled me in some Red Carpet looks during my time as Miss Los Angeles Chinatown 2017.


I love AVRE Life's shoes and their commitment to environmental sustainability as a fashion statement.These statement sneakers are helping to kick plastic waste in the b(u)ttle-cap! Made from 8-10 recycled water bottles.

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Embody Babe

Not here to play games but a little black activewear moment by @lilybod is GOALS. This might be a phantom collection but I can tell you it is an absolute dream. It’s buttery soft, super high waisted, and abs-olutely flattering. I love that the details are understated but with just the right touch!

Recycled Goodness

Laguna Beach is my absolute favorite place to be, and when I’m not there, better to wear a little part of it on my feet. These earth friendly, Vegan-approved shoes are so soft, cloud-like, and the most beautiful pastel “Frosty Spruce”.

Boss Babe

Lilybod coming in icy-hot with the most stunning workout set that brings just the right touch of winter glam.

Remember this…your clothes area reflection of your greatest quality…your confidence, and confidence is true beauty. After all, diamonds aren’t meant to be dull, they’re meant to dazzle.

Recipe for Success

What’s better than celery sticks and celery juice???… @sweetchefskincare ‘s Celery + Hyaluronic Acid Serum shot! I’ve loved the little extra boost of greens and goods from both the ✨Turmeric Eye Cream✨ and ✨Superfood + Vitamins Moisture Boost✨

Peachy Squeezy

Hot (pink💕) take…you can never be too old to love slurping on something that tasted like sunshine and happiness in jelly form. ☀️

My favorite part about this drink isn’t even the fact that it comes in the most beautiful ombré sunset color but the fact that vitamins and collagen could taste like a peach 🍑 sorbet 🍨!

Ideas Brewing

As a kid, my absolute favorite fruit was watermelon. These Watermelon Glow Noacinamide Dew Drops gives me that extra GLOWING boost during SF’s cold winter months. Packed with
🍉amino acids
🍉hyaluronic acid
🍉 moringa seed oil

Skincare Science

Smile because it's your most wonderful quality. Nothing is better than when skincare meets medical-grade science. And since the season is getting chillier, it's even more important to have skincare that provides a gentle yet firm barrier against the elements. So happy that the SPF, anti-aging mask, and needless serum provides that!

These boots are giving me life. Tis the season of all things cozy like oversized trench coats, warm knits, and the cutest statement black boots.

Thank you @journeecollectionshoes for the perfect work, going out, or just subtle cat walking shoes to bring just the right level of class and sass to the streets of San Francisco!

Daily dose of Vitamin D ☀️ and Vitamin C with @every.daze

Over the weekend I spent nearly the entire day walking and just admiring how beautiful San Francisco is and continually being overwhelmed with how happy/lucky I am to live in this incredible city. And I took along with me the perfect pocket meal.

2021 was cute…2022 is all about chic

1st pic of 2022…If 🍣 were an outfit…
Cheers to a year of bold-brave-boss girl mode

Thank you @journeecollectionshoes for the most amazing white booties

Year of the tiger so activate your inner cheeta/tigress queens!

Thank you Lilybod for the most stunning moody camo set that's perfect for stunning people as we work out!

This stunning silk dress by @mandalay_official is a DREAM. Simple in structure but every detail is to perfection. The glowing sleeves contrasted by the more structured deep plunge neckline, and just the right touch of Aba Glam with these jewels with a playful twist of the ties on the back. THANK YOU for this iconic Jewel Encrusted Butterfly Kimono

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Coming Soon

I love discovering new brands and sharing them with my community. If you love sustainability, quality products, women's empowerment, and building a wholistic fitness-fashion-food-finance related lifestyle, I would love to partner with you!

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