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Have an Open Heart and an Open Mind...So Great Things Can Be Achieved!

Let's encourage and lift up one another.


My philosophy: Do your crunches and Eat your cookies! Food is the foundation of health but it doesn't have to be complicated!

As someone with hypothyroidism, I've navigated the complex maze of balancing nutrition and fun. Check out some of my favorite sweet and savory recipes that promote wholistic nutrition WITHOUT sacrificing delicious, mouth-watering taste!

There's no such thing as good or bad food...just find your perfect equilibrium!


Private Wealth Management Analyst by day....YouTuber and blogger by night!

I'm a firm believer in harnessing a your confidence, conviction, and creativity in the working world.

Come along my journey in International Business as I navigate the professional world in real time. I'll share my tips on personal wealth management, saving up for retirement, and understanding the market.

It is my vision to see more diversity reach the top, and I'd love to give a helping hand to all in any way I can. There is no limitation to pursuing beauty and brains.

Who runs the world... girls!

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Everything you see here, I love & believe in! To me, brand collaborations are about capturing a story behind each product or photo. I love discovering and supporting businesses who aim to make a sustainable and positive difference in the world and aim to share them with family, friends, and my close knit social media community!