Let's Collaborate!

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    I would love to work out something special with you!

What I need for my work:

  • Add to cart your desired promotional media creations
  • Sample products sent to me that I will highlight & promote to my community
  • Tagged reposts on your official brand feed + story after I post & send all my deliverables

Deliverables you will receive from my work:

 Instagram Post
  • One dedicated sponsored post + story + tags
  • HD quality photo or carousel
  • True testimonial to product experience

  • One fitness workout video spotlighting your brand
  • A verbal call to action to view your website
  • Link in description + bio to brand web

 Tik Tok & Reels
  • One short-form video
  • Using popular sounds and trending videography
  • Caption shout out + tag

Sustainability . Women's Empowerment . Inclusivity . Health
These are the pillars of the types of brands I seek to collaborate with. With our visions aligned, I will make it my mission to help spread the word of your brand! This is my passion project, and I feel strongly about sharing incredible brands like yours with my like-minded, close-knit community. Excited to work together to make the world a better place!