About Catherine Liang

Hi There Bestie!

Dashing from swim practice to ballet rehearsals, strapping my feet to ballroom heels to massaging my fingers after a long piano practice, I've always been very active. But when I entered college, suddenly I was thrown a new health challenge: Hypothyroidism.

Although my autoimmune disorder left me often fatigued...I didn't let it get the best of me. Before anything else, I am a Fighter. Every day, I strive to learn more about my inner health, using a science and research based approach to nutrition, workouts, and sleep. I'm grateful that in overcoming these health obstacles, I've built a community that I can share incredible home health remedies and tips & tricks on long-term health and wellness. After all, our body is the sole vessel we have to carry us through this crazy adventure called life. So why not cherish it?

Through my workout guides, I've discovered that physical goals don't require fancy gym equipment but can be achieved through sweating, squatting, and smiling right on our living room floor! Nothing brings me more joy than to see a friend exceed what they thought they were incapable of...their first sit up, first toe touch, first push-up, first burpee!

In the kitchen, I'm an alchemist baking up healthy alternatives to some of my family's favorite treats that are packed with nutrition without sacrificing that mouth-watering taste. As I like to say, everything in life is about balance...so do your crunches and have your cookies!

My community of burpee-loving, cookie-craving friends have unfailingly encouraged me to expand my life hacks to a larger audience. Of course, none of this is possible without my family. Behind every great Instagram photo is a Wonder Woman mother. Behind every push-up, a loving fitness bootcamp father. And who stoked the fire to turn a passion into a platform? None other than my hero...my brother. And who is behind this aesthetic dream-come-true global platform? My sister-in-law. Last, but most certainly not least...YOU, my friends and online community that have given nothing but positive vibes, words of encouragements, and feedback to enhance the content I put out!

Which leads me to here -- opening this website, starting my own business, and now partnering with some of my favorite brands that have transformed my life and countless others!

In a nutshell, I'm a sunshine-loving, avocado-obsessed Californian girl who loves creating functional workouts, baking up a storm, photographing beautiful moments, and sharing wholistic remedies for inner health. As I like to say...Everyone Is Capable of Becoming Their Own SuperHero

About My 4 Pillars

Fitness . Food . Fashion . Finance

☾ Fitness ☽

Fitness to me is a lifestyle of confidence building. I find genuine happiness through pushing my physical limits and building an athletes mindset.

As a little girl, whenever someone asked me what I wanted to grow up, I would say "a ballerina - ballroom-dancing - competitive swimming - piano playing Superhero." Perhaps I was a little ambitions, but hey! Dreams are nothing without action!

I performed en pointe as a ballerina for 15 years, training under a Vaganova trained teacher, swam competitively alongside friends who went on to become olympians, taught classical ballroom dancing to middle and high school students in my hometown of Sonoma County, and even learned to speak eloquently and walk with "queen"-energy during my times competing in pageants around the world alongside many beautiful inside and outside queens.

I am a lifelong student and the world my teacher. To every individual who has shared their pearls of knowledge, I cannot thank you enough for instilling me the motivation, discipline, resilience, and energy. And now, I want to pass the torch in sharing what I've learned about health and fitness, listening to your body, and learning to love yet challenge your physical and mental capabilities. A reminder that every person is unique with different body types and different goals. It brings me so much fulfillment sharing all my experience on how to climb physical mountains & help others.

Make your motivation to move be about gaining confidence and strength. Everyone has a unique reason for working out so let's support one another no matter if you want to lean or bulk! Leave the negativity behind and bring on your inner Wonder Woman!

Get ready, get steady, and let's get SWEATY!

☾ Food ☽

Behind every dish is a touch of love. The diet industry can be incredibly confusing. But if there's anything I've learned from navigating the complexities of a hypothyroidism, it's to eat as wholesome and naturally as possible. Even the well-known eastern symbol of Ying-Yang has its nutritional value. our "diet" should be balanced with pro- and prebiotics, internally cooling and heating ingredients. After all, the foods we put on our plate should connect, balance, and energize our bodies!

If I can offer a simple tip, eat naturally, organically, and seasonally! Your metabolism is ever changing and growing along with you! So while health fads may offer incentives of "guaranteed results in 2 weeks", it tips the balances of your inner health out of wack. Like a see-saw, everything has to bounce back. Take it from someone (me) who made the mistake of seeing short-term immediate results but is shifting towards a lifelong approach to building a healthy and maintainable lifestyle.

As a recent college graduate and incoming full-time financial analyst, I know life can get busy. But our health should be our number one priority. And guess what! Cooking up a healthy and nutritious meal doesn't have to take more than 10 minutes!

I want to make it explicitly clear that my relationship with food is not any specific "diet". Food and nutrition, just like fitness, is a lifestyle! While I want to offer you the secrets to my personal health and wellness achievements, know that every body type is different and that the best thing you can do for YOU is listen to your body! My recipes and "What I Eat In A Day" videos are a toolkit that can be changed as needed.

As someone who has fluctuated from hyper- to hypothyroidism, I can't stress how important supporting our gut, immunity, and hormonal health is! I learned how food is the foundation of all health. Depending on what I eat, I find our bodies can react in many ways ranging from reacting as poorly as breaking out, aches and fatigue to as great as being energized, glowing, and feeling our absolute best. Being extra sensitive to foods has really enlightened me to the power of food and nutrition. From my personal experience and research, I've put together a collection of delicious recipes and an outline of everything I've done to build a strong and beautiful body from the inside out!

☾ Fashion ☽

Fashion is an expression of a wholistic self, your personality, your interests, and self care.

With a background of ballet and pageants, I've stood within the stage spotlight using dance and other non-verbal cues to express my best self. I won't sugar coat it and say it comes naturally. I firmly believe that in different contexts, we wear different crowns and show various colors of our personality. It takes practice to carefully curate the right one!

I've learned how to project elegance, sophistication, and timelessness through the interview attire I chose for career interviews, the evening gown I strut in down the pageant stage, jewelry to make a statement while being mindful of not overshadowing me, how to compose an image or video for a brand and what it stands for, and taking special care of my hyper-sensitive skin. I wear it all confidently while accumulating the knowledge of what each statement piece expresses, in what ways brands are/can help the world, and how to troubleshoot emergency flareups in our skin that can arise right before an important moment!

In ways, having hyper-sensitive skin is a blessing. It makes me extremely particular about what I try.

My bottom line: fragrance free, clean ingredients, low carbon footprint, no harsh chemicals, ethically and sustainability sourced, and focused on empowering a diversity of individuals! It goes without saying that quality and great results are another set of determining factors. I also love supporting businesses that support social activism and conservation. The best way we can help ourselves is to help lift up others and help our future generations with protecting our environment.

Sustainable fashion and skincare? Heck yes! I'm committed to sharing my favorite brands that are making a (smaller) environmental impact one stitch at a time. Let's tread lightly on this beautiful world of ours and let's embrace our most beYOUtiful bare face!

☾ Finance ☽

They say knowledge is power. Imagine having the power to understand your personal finance and wealth goals...THAT is true freedom! I want to shed light on my discoveries and take you along my journey to financial empowerment and freedom. It's a confusing topic, but it doesn't have to be! If there was one course I could add to our curriculum, it's personal financial management! I'm an open book, here to help, and willing to lift you up in your money management! Let's Get Money Smart!

Studying international business and partaking in a prestigious asset management summer intensive has left me with phenomenal professional connections and a boundless curiosity for seeking out financial freedom. After 4 years of stretching my intellectual curiosity and business acumen, I've taken full advantage of all the awe-inspiring opportunities, professors, and assets my university USC had to offer. I've worked abroad in Taiwan as a Global Fellows intern, placed a brick in the initiative of having over 30% of the worlds assets managed by women by 2030 as a Girls Who Invest scholar, graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA, on the Dean's List all 4 years, along with 7 other recognitions of achievement. I don't say this to brag but to show what every individual is capable of if we can harness your curiosity, commitment, and creativity. It takes lots of hard work, a humble heart, and a contagious sense of discipline and drive. YOU are your best teacher and critic!

I feel my studies and life experience started sooner than most as I had the advantage of having an older brother in a similar line of career. It was so helpful seeing his up to date experiences just a few years ahead of me, which really helped set me up for success ahead of the curve by even just knowing what to expect. I would love to pay it forward and pass these pearls on to you too.

Beauty and Brains doesn't have to be exclusive of one or another. As a young woman in a male-dominated finance industry, I'm here to be your big sister as we explore personal wealth management, investing in retirement (yes even in our 20s), and the ins and outs of career advancement!

I'm so grateful to have such a close-knit and inspiring online community that truly encourages one another in our endeavor in becoming our very best and well-rounded self.

Go about your day with compassion and kindness and remember this:

Have an Open Heart and an Open Mind...for Great Things Will Surely Come

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