Hong Kong Flaky Egg Tarts
This may be the most EGGalicious ASMR baking video ever. Come along as I attempt to make egg tarts for the first time. Growing up just an hour's drive from San Francisco, it was always a treat to stop by old SF Chinatown at my favorite bakery for these sweet desserts. With a flaky, crispy, and very messy-to-eat puff pastry shell and a sweet, silky, custard center with just a hint of creme brule, oh my goodness...heaven in a bite. The secret recipe?...patience and lots of butter which makes both the world go round and my belly hehe. But life is too short to fret about a sweet treat every once in a while. As I like to say...do your crunches and have your cookies!

☽ Baking temp: 120C for 20-25 min

☽ I N G R E D I E N T S (Crust)
-125g all purpose flour
-60g cold water
-10g organic sugar
-2g salt
-80g unsalted butter to fold in puff pastry layers
-20g unsalted butter (to blend in dough)


☽ I N G R E D I E N T S (custard)
-3 room temp eggs
-150g milk
-40g sugar
-dash of Vanilla

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Happy Baking!

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