Self-Reflection to Self-Development | Week 1 of US CEO for One Month Internship

One month ago, I was sitting at my home desk, apprehensive, nervous, and excited to begin a full time career. It seemed like everything had gone according to plan through college, graduation, receiving an offer, and now beginning full time.

Yet I couldn’t help but feel as though I was not as well prepared for a transition from online to in person as I could have been. While the pandemic did offer a period of time for self-reflection, it was the start of my Adecco Group CEO for One Month journey that transformed self-reflection to self-transformation. 

As a new participant of the Future of Work, I was so grateful to spend my first week of the US CEO for One Month internship with Hired. Over the course of many 1:1 discussions, a Product Council, and even a Design Sprint, I’ve learned that in order to stay ahead of rapid digitalization, a short-term project-based economy, and workplace inclusively, talent management requires a significant investment in hiring infrastructure and the career lifecycle. Among the many insights I’ve gained, three of the greatest takeaways are:

Strength of Communication

As a unique talent management and matching link between job-offering clients and job-seeking candidates, Hired is streamlining the hiring process. The Hired Assessments platform provides a community for candidates to engage in Coding Challenges to test their technical expertise while building a comprehensive ready-to-hire profile. Conversely, companies are able to leverage these profiles and eliminate the significant costs in time and capital through doing preliminary phone screenings. Instead, time and effort can be reallocated towards examining a candidate’s organizational fit, technical fit, and work ethic.

Power of Data Analytics

Anyone on a platform on Linkedin has a unique professional identity. When you combine this high level overview of experience with an evaluation of technical skillets, Hired is capable of matching the candidate to talent seats based on best fit. This is incredibly exciting for the job market. As we consider wellness and the future of work, a major component is 

  1. Sense of purpose 
  2. Meaningful Work

By recognizing critical talent and providing an environment to grow and up skill, this provides genuine motivation derived from investing in our talent workforce. 

Integration as Infrastructure

With the growing power of data analytics and machine learning, this is is an opportunity to reconfigure the hiring and career lifecycle infrastructure. Rather than simply thinking about hiring as a linear process of acquiring qualified talent to placing them in desired job roles, I think there is great benefit in setting companies like Hired as a keystone in a full-loop career lifecycle. This includes:

  • early acquisition of talent
  • evaluating skillsets and identifying areas of improvement
  • talent development & investment
  • efficient hiring

My week at Hired is more than I could have ever dreamed for. Thank you to each member of the team for taking on a mentorship role and answering my many questions. I’m so grateful to have begun my journey in a curiosity-fostering and innovative environment!

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