Journey of the 2021 United States CEO for One Month

The Announcement

I am honored and beyond blessed to share with you the news that I have been selected as the 2021 CEO for One Month US representative!

If you had asked me just last week if I would be sitting down with C-Suite Executives and Senior Leadership at The Adecco Group, I would have laughed. But here I am, a stronger story-teller, an "art-heist" aficionado (Escape Room only of course), a beginner Italian cook, and a humbled CEO for One Month representative.

What drove me to apply for this once in a lifetime opportunity?

Pure curiosity to explore an understated industry. As we return to work whether that be in a hybrid or fully in-person model, I'm curious to see how we adopt to a new culture and mindset surrounding work-life balance.

This upcoming month will undoubtedly provide me an opportunity to be a bold entrepreneur and ask many questions, offer my innovative ideas, and learn how to create a Future of Work that includes everyone.

I truly believe that with this platform, I can encourage others to be their own superhero and develop a strong balance of curiosity, creativity, and courage.

Of course, no leader can fly solo. I am so grateful for my nine friends, inspirations, and teammates who I've had the privilege of spending time with and learning from. Each of them carries such a unique perspective that together, we embody the essence of future leaders. Thank you for leaving me with a smile on my face every day and a sense of family.

Allow me to reintroduce myself...My name is Catherine Liang and I am humbled and honored to serve as The Adecco Group's United States CEO for One Month.

Follow along my journey as I shadow c-suite executives and compete in the Global CEO Bootcamp!


Festive Flowers

What better way to be welcomed into a new role than by receiving the BIGGEST bouquet of flowers. After hearing my name called out as the recipient of the 2021 US CEO for One Month, I could barely contain my smile. This was truly the cherry on top of an already incredible day. I love that they even match my aesthetic throughout my website!


Colossal Gram

If you want to send a message, better make big and clear! Another BIG surprise with the largest gram I have ever seen! Thank you for Adecco Group for keeping the festivities and celebration going. I feel so incredibly blessed.


Hot off the Press

Peer 2 Peer Coaching

✨take on the coachee’s perspective
✨understand the situation fully before being quick to provide solutions
✨help the individual explore a variety of options (not everyone has the same work style)
✨solutions should help maximize the person’s effort and bring out their strengths


Move With Me ~ Win 4 Youth

Who is ready for a challenge? As I kick things off with my internship as CEO for One Month, I also want to highlight an INCREDIBLE opportunity to bridge physical fitness with philanthropy through my campaign with @win4youth called MOVE WITH ME

(click on image to watch the campaign strategy!)


Sunny Style

Thank you so much to The Adecco Group Foundation and Luxottica for these stunning eyewear pieces. I absolutely love the Tory Burc hand Michael Kores sunglasses. Can't wait to rock then in Jacksonville and New York


Gift from Senior Leadership Team

What a sweet welcome gift of the essentials for success! Thank you to Adecco Staffing and the Senior Leadership Team to help me thrive this week. Drinking coffee to kick off a wonderful day of learning, taking notes in my nifty new notebook, and tuning in with my inPods!


Giant CEO Sized Cookie

Taking on the week with the Senior Leadership Team feels like a big bite! Thank you for treating me to a delicious and enormous sweet treat. I can certainly tell you family enjoyed this very much!


Another Day of CEO Fun (x3)

What happens when you put not 1, not 2, but THREE USA CEO for One Months together, a whole bunch of energy, smiles, and spontaneity. Thank you Jordan and Ben for the most amazing kazoo-filled surprise and a day of adventure. Thanks for exploring Jenner Beach, laughing at seals, and delicious food and great time with friends!


June 18, 2021 — Catherine Liang

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