A Bit of Flavor and a Pinch of Character

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Reporting live from the kitchen!

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Day 2 of the CEO for One Month Bootcamp was one for the memories. We started the morning dashing about through mental exercises, logical quizzes, and trivia puzzles. And through the thick of things, we learned how through great teamwork, any problem was solve-able! Good work team VanGhostbusters and team Rob the Banksy!

We then turned up the heat in thinking about how we might be able to shape the future of work at The Adecco Group. Thank you to my wonderful partner Marin for working with me to create a mission-based and action-oriented proposal.

And to tie all of these interactive programs together, we took a deep dive into our personality a work-styles through better understanding our Birkman Survey results.

And mama mia!

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What a rush it was to get to learn from the master chef of Italian Cooking Class, Diana Testa. Cooking is more than the preparation of food, its layering together bits and pieces of our character and compassion. Thank you for creating such a wonderful environment. I will definitely need to expand my culinary palette.

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Through storytelling, a pinch of homemade love, and a sprinkle of each candidate's unique character, we created the most savory lasagna and rich velvety-smooth Nutella-Marscarpone delight.

What was the cherry on top for Day 2 of bootcamp?

Learning that every individual has a unique character whether that be in group projects, work settings, or even elbow-deep in a lasagna. More than anything, we complement one another, bringing out our strengths and our unique flavor.

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