Playboy Bunny

3D Model
For this project, I strived to further improve my character design and character modeling skills. I also wanted familiarize myself with the rigging process. Therefore, I set the reachable goal of creating a walk cycle for the my character.

This character idea came from the desire to design an abstract and cartoony character with exaggerated features. I chose to elongate the legs and arms so that they could be used to create an elegant, swaying motion for the walk cycle. The persona I wanted to convey was a serious and somewhat bossy character, as portrayed in some of the character sketches. Therefore, the walk cycle involved the bunny taking long, confident strides.

In the future, I want to further experiment with rigging more exaggerated movements in order to make my characters more expressive.

Sketchbook design of my 
Playboy bunny character

Character rigging process

Work Process
Playboy Bunny

Early stage of my 3D model
without texture mapping

Final Model 
Character Project

Close-up of face 

Full body walk cycle

Full body side view

Close-up of hair
and ponytail

Character walk cycle with rig

Character walk cycle rendered
Reshu Catherine Liang