Penn & Slavery Project

App Design

Unity, Adobe XD, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator

The Penn & Slavery Project was started by a group of UPenn students who were curious about the university’s link to slavery. As the project evolved and more links were uncovered, there was soon a need for an app to educate and spread information. During summer 2019, I worked with a team of 7 students on the Penn & Slavery Project’s App Design team. We aimed to create an AR app that would take users on a tour around the UPenn campus in a journey of discovery. As the chief graphic and UI designer on the team, I was responsible for everything ranging from creating wireframes to implementing the UI in Unity.

Design Process

Drafted, designed app flow, and created simple wireframes. 


Created a basic, low-fidelity, interactive prototype, finalized the elements on each page.

(Adobe XD)

Created a more elaborate, high-fidelity prototype. 


Sketch Designs

These designs are inspired by Carolyn Purnell’s article on color and culture. While western cultures are more chromophobic, seen in the white minimalistic designs associated with modernity, cultures like Africa and India are chromophilic, which is reflected in their colorful textiles.
I wanted to mix the theme of chromophobic and chromophilic into my designs, since this project explores the intersection between a Western institution and African roots. Hence I made the choice of using minimalistic black and white designs with pops of color featuring African textiles.

Illustrator Logo Designs

I also created the logo for the Penn & Slavery Project. The logo designs on the top right explore the intersection between UPenn and its historical associations with slavery. The slash in the first two logos represents how Penn tries to divide itself from implications with slavery, but the ampersand shows how it is ultimately linked to its past. The bell within the next few designs represent both the school bell that one of the slaves that lived at Penn rang between classes, as well as the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, which represents freedom. In the last few logos, I explored using the ampersand to link Penn and Slavery. The design on the right is the final selected logo.

Unity UI Demo
Reshu Catherine Liang