PRECISE 2019 Industry Day Website

PRECISE Industry Day

Animation, Web Design

Processing, HTML, CSS

The PRECISE ( Penn Research In Embedded Computing and Integrated Systems Engineering) Center hosts an annual Industry Day conference that features industry leaders and attracts over 100 guests. I was a part of the three people team that designed the 2019 PRECISE Industry Day website, with the theme of safe AI. I helped create the header animation on “Future of Safe Autonomy”, support parts of the web design and development, and serve as web admin.

The Past Events section (right) was a section that I helped to design and develop using HTML and CSS. The links are initially blue, and become bright red when hovered over.

I also helped develop the “Future of Safe Autonomy” using Processing, based on the “Particle Text Effects” by Jason Labbe. A demo of it can be seen below.

According to my manager, the website was passed to the White House at some point.

Website Past Events Section

Animation Demo

Animation on Landing Page
Reshu Catherine Liang