Mini Minecraft

Game Dev
C++, Qt, Photoshop
This is the final project of my Computer Graphics class. I collaborated with a group of 3 to recreate Minecraft. I worked on the game’s timer update, player movements and collisions, texturing and texture animation, and the development of biomes with varying terrain and assets.

Game Physics

A demonstartion of game physics, including
mouse-controlled camera rotation, jumping and collision

Biomes & Texturing

An overview of the biomes I created:
birch forest, salt flats, desert plateau, and islands
The terrain differs based on biome
and blends into each other

Terrain Generation

A demonstation
of the randomized terrain generation
and the procedural asset placement
of trees and floating islands

Final Gameplay
Includes the features by my teammates:
day and night cycle, distance fog, procedureal grass, and L-system tower structures

Reshu Catherine Liang