Food Sustainability Project

2D Animation


Food sustainability was the theme for Penn Create’s 2019 gallery show. As a member of  the art club Penn Create, I also created an artpiece to be displayed. My work came in the form of a 2D animation made in Photoshop, with the message of eating locally. I used a combination of the video transitions and frame animation in the process. The result is a 3 second long animation that can be looped infinitely. I also added sound effects to liven up the animation using Adobe Premiere. This piece took me about 3-4 weeks, working 3-5 hours each week. 

Students at the Penn Create Gallery Show
April 27, 2019

Still I

The tomato falls through a tomato bush, signifying a fruit falling from its vines. Leaves in the foreground obscure those in the back. I also added motion blur to the frontmost leaves.

Still II

The tomato falls through a harvest basket. This signifies the tomato going straight from the vine to a farmer’s market.

Still III

The tomato knocks into a cutting board. This still signifies the transition from the farmer’s market to the kitchens of everyday households. I hoped this could encourage the community to eat locally, as it not supports local farmers, but also ensures freshness and promotes health.

Final Animation
Click for sound!

Reshu Catherine Liang