Character Project

3D Model
My goal for this project was to experiment with character modeling in Maya. I was inspired by the Instagram artist @daisukerichard. Most of his characters wear loose jackets, carry backpacks, have a bob hairstyle, and have obscured faces. In many side profiles he draws, only a nose could be seen. That is why I decided to do a character with no facial features besides a nose. 

I was also inspired by the video “K/DA - POP/STARS,” which has a sharp, constrasting look to each scene, and employs polygon forms to create the hair. I strived to make my model with an edge as well. That is why I chose to keep my model low-poly, with certain unsmoothed surfaces.

Sketchbook design of my character
inspired by @daisukerichard

Work Process
Character Project

Early stage of my 3D model
without texture mapping

Final Model 
Character Project

Close-up of high tops

Full body side view

Full body front view

Close-up of jacket
and pins

Reshu Catherine Liang