The Landing Page

CG@Penn Website

Web Design

Adobe XD, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap

During summer 2019, I was given the task of redesigning the offical website for the Computer Graphics Department at UPenn.

I began with design research and wireframes, then, with the help of another CG student, Rachel Gu, moved onto implementing the website using HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap. I also compiled student works to create the header video. The website is rescalable and works on mobile.
Experiments with color palettes and fonts

Notes about old website,
ideas for change

Design Process
CG@Penn Website

Designs on Adobe XD

Final Implementation I
Display on Large Screens

Final Implementation II
Display on Mobile

As I moved the website onto mobile, I wanted to ensure the display still clearly imparts information. One of the challenges was adapting the original menu to the phone by creating a drop-down hamburger menu. This took a lot of javascript and debugging.

Scroll-through of Website
Original Website
Re-designed Website

Reshu Catherine Liang